Our Path to Heaven

Our Path to Heaven


Introduction: What happens to us when we die?

As devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we long for the day when we shall be with Him in His glorious abode forever. Nevermore to be burdened with this battle with sin and death. In this life, we are certain of very few thing. One of those truths is that if Jesus tarries, we will experience the death of this earthly, fallen physical body. This truth begs the question: What happens to us when we die?

This question that has been pondered by philosophers, poets, playwrights, and theologians alike for millennia. It can be clearly understood that Man’s greatest fear is the unknown. The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 5: 8 “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” (KJV) Scripture is filled with the promise that this life is just a beginning. We were created to be eternal beings and dwell with the Lord forever. Unfortunately, Man chose to sin against his Creator and thereby corrupted the race of man with sin. But God, who already knew of our disobedient choice, had already secured for us a means by which to be redeemed.

Without God’s plan for salvation, it would be impossible for sinful man to abide with God in His Heaven forever. For God cannot coexist with the presence of sin. However, because of the shed blood of our perfect high priest Jesus, we can be redeemed and therefore our eternity with God is secure.

Now, back to the question of our eternal destination. In the current topical sermon series that was begun on Sunday, March 10, we are addressing that very question. However, the topic of Heaven is not a single sermon issue. We must consider our path to Heaven. We need to understand not just the question of what happens to us, but also the Why, Where, When, and for How long as well.

In the Body of Christ (the church) there is much disagreement as to the specifics of how Heaven relates to life, death, and the Revelation. It is the intent of this pastor to derive from Scripture exactly what God says in regards to His Heaven. There are various opinions pertaining to this subject matter. Depending on which theologian, commentary writer, pastor, or any other supposed subject matter expert you read, you will walk away with more questions than when you first started (I know this from personal experience).

Thankfully, we have an authoritative resource to which we can turn for all of life’s questions: The Bible. Throughout this study, I will also write a series of blog posts to help summarize and expand upon the teachings represented in our sermon series. I pray that throughout this study that all of us will grow stronger in our knowledge of God and His eternal love, grace, and mercy towards all who are called according to His purpose.

Please come and join us on Sunday mornings as we delve headfirst into this wonderful and amazing subject. Come and hear what our Father tells us about our permanent home with Him. I can assure you of one fact. Throughout this study, you will see God’s love perfectly portrayed in His plan for you, His child. As we will learn, Heaven isn’t simply a place for the child of God to relax on clouds strumming harps. Heaven will be a place of worship, fellowship, service and love that exceeds anything that we could ever imagine. So, where does the child of God go the instant that he/she dies? The most wonderful answer is immediately into the presence of the Lord Himself. Streets of gold and pearly gates will pale in comparison to the beautiful face of Jesus.

Let us reason together, my brothers and sisters, and learn of the future that God has prepared for us. Are you ready?


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