In the tenth chapter of the Gospel according to Luke, we experience the account of Jesus sending out the seventy (NASB). He sends them out in pairs into both Jewish and Gentile lands for one purpose: to preach the Kingdom of God. Jesus gives them specific instructions on the manner in which they are to go (Luke 10: 1 – 11).

As I have read and understood the account of this Ministry of Grace that our Lord mandates to the seventy, I am reminded also that this command was not just for those seventy disciples, but for you and I as well. If we have been born again and are true disciples of Christ, should we not follow His commands today as well?

Two of the main instruction points that Jesus gives the disciples is to trust God (taking no provisions Luke 10: 4)and to go! He sends us out as lambs in the midst of wolves to spread a Gospel of grace and forgiveness to a lost world. We must remember that as lambs “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want (lack for any need).”

The task set before the disciples (and us) is a difficult yet beautifully simple task. Our God is the Sovereign King of Glory. He has prepared for us in Christ Jesus good works so that we would walk in them (Ephesians 2:10). Notice the context of both Luke’s Gospel and Paul’s letter to the Ephesians; We are in Christ (fully protected) and we are to trust in His grace alone and we are to walk in these good works — which means GO!

We do not and dare I say, cannot know who will reject Him or receive Him. But that mystery is not for us to know. It is His privilege alone to know. What we are to do is simply obey Him. It is popular today to trust others to do the “hard work” of ministry. Whether it is for a Pastor, and Evangelist, a Missionary, etc. to do is the mindset of many of us and we have grown complacent (of whom I am the chief at times). But Jesus commands us to obey His commandments. So, how about it? Can we go together as lambs among wolves into uncharted territories and preach this glorious Kingdom of God? I say that, yes, we can. Who is with me?



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