Worship is a time of lifting our praises to God, as well as a time of intensive Bible teaching, exhortation, and growth. If you’re hungry for no-nonsense preaching mixed with a passion to reach the lost and compassion for those who are hurting all around us, you will feel right at home at Tucapau Baptist Church.

How do I get there? 

Click on our Location link to customize driving directions.


Where do I park? 

Tucapau Baptist Church is surrounded by easily accessible parking spaces. Entry to the lot can be made from Chestnut Street. Three covered drive areas can be accessed so that drivers can safely drop off passengers with protection from the weather before parking. Once inside there are greeters in the Foyer of the Sanctuary where someone will be waiting to assist you.

Handicap Accessible Parking
There is accessible parking available in the parking lot, with easy access to our Sanctuary. There is a portico at this entrance to facilitate entry into the building with protection from the weather. An exterior elevator is also available to assist in easier entry into our Sanctuary.

Where do I go? 

We would like to personally greet you and help you and your family find your way on your first visit.  There are greeters in the Foyer of the Sanctuary that are staffed each Sunday morning to assist newcomers as they seek to find a Bible Study Small Group (Sunday School) that fits their unique needs.

Weekly Bulletins and monthly church newsletters are available at each entrance throughout the week. We would love to help you find your place at Tucapau Baptist Church.

Where do my kids go? 

When you know your children are in a loving and safe environment you can relax, allowing you to focus on worship and Bible study. We offer classes for all ages (birth-12th grade). Please ask a greeter or visit the Church Office.  We will be glad to escort you and your child to their class.

What are worship services like? 

In total, a Tucapau Baptist Church service is about 60 minutes in length. Services begin with uplifting praise and worship through music – song lyrics are projected onto the screens so you can sing along and/or engage with worship however you feel most comfortable. After the music portion of service is complete,  our pastor will share an encouraging and hope-filled message about Jesus with the straightforward teaching of God’s word.

What do I need to bring? 

Many members and guests find that it’s easier and more fulfilling to participate in Bible study when they have their own copy of the Bible with them during worship so that they can underline or highlight particular verses for later study or use a Bible app on their smart phone. During worship, key Bible verses will be displayed on the overhead screens for those who do not have a Bible with them and for those who carry a different translation. If you prefer to take simple notes, you may prefer to bring a notepad and pen or pencil for taking notes.

What do I wear? 

No matter what your personal style, you’ll be comfortable at Tucapau Baptist Church. If you prefer dressy, business, or casual attire, chances are there will be others dressed much like you no matter when you visit. Sure, Sunday mornings are a time when many prefer to dress up a bit, but even if jeans are more your style, you’ll be right at home with us. Naturally, Sunday and Wednesday evenings are slightly more casual than Sunday morning, but dress up for these if you prefer. Preschoolers and children learn while they play. We encourage hands on play so that children are learning through all their senses, so use your own judgment about how dressed up your child is while at church. Our Middle and High School students usually dress casually on Sunday and Wednesday evenings because games and sporting events are often held outside and sometimes involve getting messy.

What happens on Sundays? 

Tucapau Baptist Church offers a myriad of classes, activities and events. The activities and worship opportunities that are available to you every Sunday and are designed to help you get plugged in to a place where you feel you belong.

Keep up with Tucapau Baptist Church activities by:

  • visiting or joining a Small Group (Sunday School)
  • reading the Sunday Bulletin
  • follow us on FACEBOOK
  • visit the main church CALENDAR

From Small Groups (Sunday School) to our Wednesday Bible studies, there is a full menu of learning, worship, and fellowship activities and we know that you will find more than one opportunity to learn and grow with us each week.

Do you offer child care during the Worship service?

Nursery is provided for infants through 2 years during the morning Worship Service.

Children’s Worship Service is for children ages 2-5 years and it meets Sunday mornings during “Big Church” at 10:30 AM. Children’s Worship Service helps Tucapau Baptist Church to connect our kids back to God and develop the intimate relationship they need with Him.

Sunday and Wednesday Evening classes are available for children ages 3-12th Grade.

What happens on other days?

 No matter what your weekly schedule, Tucapau Baptist Church has a variety of opportunities available for the community and members of our church. Bible Studies are our answer to that midweek slump when the stress and challenges of everyday living can get you down.

Every Wednesday evening from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM we meet in the Sanctuary for Bible teaching in a casual setting. Visit our Ministries page to learn more about the many wonderful opportunities at Tucapau Baptist Church.  Ministries are where we surround ourselves with others who are like us in many ways and different in others, we grow to be more like Christ by striving to live according to His purpose. Ministries are a place for you if you are looking to get plugged in to a place of service that matches your talents and abilities, you’re in the right place. With so much to choose from, you’re sure to find something that you are passionate about!

Special Events:  Several times during the year Tucapau Baptist Church hosts special events. These are seasonal events designed to share a fun evening with other members and the community. These special events are more than just entertainment…they are an opportunity to enrich your life with fellowship, laughter, and celebration.  Visit Events Calendar for more details.

Ladies Bible Studies: Ladies Bible Studies are held at multiple times throughout the year offering ladies an opportunity to dig deep into the Word of God.

What does the church believe? 

Click on What we believe to learn more.

Questions?  More Information?

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